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Hotel DialoguesHotel Dialogues

By Skype Teacher Tom


Hotel Check-in Dialogue


Receptionist: Welcome to Example Hotel.

Guest: Is it too early to check in?

Receptionist: “What is your name?”

Guest: “My name is Ed Flintstone.”

Receptionist: "Your room is ready. Do you have a credit card?

Guest, “Of course”

Receptionist, “Everything seems to be in order. Here is the key card, the porter will lead you to your room. Are your bags heavy?"

Guest, “No, not too heavy.”

Receptionist, “OK good. Enjoy your stay."

Guest, “By the way do you have a fast internet connection in the rooms?"

Receptionist, “Sorry, we don’t."

Guest, “Well, that is unfortunate.”


Hotel Porter Dialogue



Guest, “Thank you for carrying my bags. Here is a tip for you.”

Porter, “Thank you very much, sir.


Hotel Room Service Dialogue


Guest, "Hello is this room service?"

R.S. “Yes it is.”

Guest: "I would like to order some food."

R.S. “Great”

Guest: "I’ll have the hamburger, french fries and a cola."

R.S. “It will be there shortly.”




Guest, “Hello my smoke detector keeps ringing. But there’s no fire."

Receptionist, “I’ll send a maintenance man right up.”




Guest, “Is breakfast free?”

Receptionist, “Yes it is. From 6:30 am-10 am.

Guest, “OK great.”




Guest, “I’d like to go on a tour of the city.”

Receptionist, “Everyday there is a tour and they stop outside the hotel at 1:43 pm.”

Guest, “I’d like to see all the sights.”




Guest, “What restaurants do you recommend?”

Receptionist, “The Sunflower restaurant in the hotel is very good and moderately priced. Alternatively you can find some good restaurants on Frederick St., just to the left of the hotel.

Guest “I ate in the Sunflower restaurant in the hotel last night and am ill.”

Receptionist, “I am sorry to hear it. There’s a drug store outside to your left one block away. I will report this incident to my manager and the chef. I’ll knock off $100 from your bill. Please call me if you have any other problems."

Guest: “Hello, is this the operator?”

Receotionist: “Yes, it is”

Guest: "I would like to make an outside call.”

Receptionist: "Sure “Dial 9 and then the number.”

Guest: “Great thanks.”




Guest, “Hello is this the laundry dept.?

L.D. “Yes it is.”

Guest, “I would like some ties dry cleaned and also my suit jacket."

L.D. "OK, we’ll send someone up right away."

Guest, “But it needs to be done by 8 pm tonight."


Hotel Room Dialogue



Cleaning woman: "Do you want your room cleaned now?

Guest: "No, not yet. Maybe in two hours."

Cleaning woman: “Fine”


Hotel Checkout Dialogue


Guest, “I’d like to check out.”

Reception, “OK fine Mr. Flintstone. So you stayed three nights, had one dinner and some dry cleaning. We’ll charge your credit card.”

Guest, “There seems to be a problem with my bill. I didn’t make three outgoing calls, only two."

Reception, “What calls did you make?

Guest, “ I made a call to London and one to Cape Town. The call to Paris listed here, I didn’t make.”

Reception, “OK sorry about the error. I will deduct that call to Paris from your bill."

Guest: "That’s fine. Can you call me a taxi to take to the airport?"

Receptionist, “Yes, of course. Have a nice trip home.”

Guest, “Thank you.”


A little later…


Guest, “I am still waiting for my taxi, I don’t want to miss my flight.”

Receptionist, “Sorry about that. They must be busy now. I’ll call again."

Guest, “Thank you.”


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