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Hotel English ArticleHotel English Article

By Skype Teacher Tom


Everyone knows tourism is a fast growing industry. In some countries it is the most important industry. Hotels need to satisfy international guests by having  English speaking staff. Most travelers speak at least some English and expect to use it to get by when traveling. And if you want to get a job in a hotel you need to speak reasonable English. When reserving for international hotels in foreign countries, travelers expect staff to speak at least a reasonable level of English. And hotels might expect foreign travelers to speak some English.


Hotel staff should continue to study English. If they work shifts or are in a foreign country, they can study online for example at OnlineEnglishTeacher.com. And travelers can brush up on their English before traveling. For those looking for a hotel there are a number of search sites. Some might be only in English (not Chinese etc.). And you need to be familiar with hotel vocabulary and potential situations, if you are a staff or a guest.


Also hotel staff are often foreign workers and they can communicate with each other in English. For example a Filipino cook and a German receptionist. Also as a guest you can meet other guests in the lobby or the bar using English. In the case of a hostel/cheap hotel it is very easy to meet other travelers in the common rooms. You can use guidebooks to help you reserve cheaper rooms or even expensive ones. Guidebooks often give the Internet address of hotels and include their recommendation. The best guides are “Lonely Planet Guides” available only in English and French. With a travel guidebook you can plan every step of your journey, from reserving airlines and rooms to sightseeing and entertainment. Some of the good guidebooks are in English… 


The guidebooks often feature basic local words to help you if someone you deal with in the hotel doesn’t speak English. But nearly all hotel staff speak English, especially in big cities and tourist resorts. You can ask the staff also in English about sightseeing and entertainment… Most tour guides speak good English and most tours are in English only. And guests will have happy memories if the staff can communicate with them and resolve any difficulties they are having. If you do not speak good English you may find yourself pointing at food in restaurants and other difficulties. Tips will be better if you can be friendly and speak English and the guest will be happy to tip.


The trend is definitely towards more English in business too. And when on a business trip people sometimes go to conferences in the hotel they are staying at. In my experience a one-on-one tutor is the best way to improve your English quickly. Find a good teacher and learn Hotel and Restaurant vocabulary and other useful vocabulary. Or go on Facebook and network and find friends who can offer you accommodation when you visit their country. The best hotels make you feel you are at home.

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