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Canada has a population of 33 million people. It is the second largest country in terms of area. Toronto (5 million), Montreal (3.6 million) and Vancouver (2.1 million) are the largest cities.


About 25% of Canadians speak French. Nearly all the French speakers live in Quebec province.


There are 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada.


Canada has 3 coasts. On the West coast the weather is mild year round. On the East coast it is cold. In the north the weather is very, very cold.

Every year Canada lets in about 250 000 new immigrants and 30 000 refugees. This keeps the population young as the birth rate is low in Canada.

If you speak both English and French it is easy to get a government job.


In Canada we have 5 national parties: the Conservatives (who are in power now), the Liberals, the NDP (a socialist party), the Greens (an environmental party) and the Bloc Quebecois (who want to separate Quebec from Canada).


There will be a Federal election on October 19th.


Some new immigrants have difficulty finding work when they first get to Canada as their English is not good enough. So it is important to study English as much as possible.


But modern Canada is multi-ethnic and in the big cities you can see so many different peoples from all over the world. Some people say Canada is the most ethnically diverse country in the whole world.


Canada is a safe, healthy place.



Multiple-choice Quiz About Canada - High Intermediate Approximately

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The north coast of Canada is:

  • Balmy.
  • Frigid.
  • Both of the above.

French is:

  • Easier to learn than English.
  • Harder to learn than English
  • Harder than Chinese

Canada is a place which...

  • You grew up in.
  • Is a nice place.
  • There are too many people.

The birthrate in Canada is:

  • Low.
  • High.
  • Both of the above.

A difference between Canada and the USA is:

  • Canada has less guns.
  • Canada has less crime.
  • Both of the above.

Canada needs:

  • Health workers for the aging population.
  • Artists.
  • No one.

Toronto is:

  • Bigger than Chicago.
  • Bigger than New York.
  • Bigger than L.A..

In Ontario province:

  • Most people speak French.
  • Most people speak English.
  • Both of the above.

In Canada:

  • You see a lot of Chinese and Indians.
  • You see a lot of Arabs and Africans.
  • Both of the above

The Conservatives...

  • Are a progressive party.
  • Are a socialist party.
  • Are a cautious party.

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