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Example IELTS General Writing Task 1 Job Application Letter


Dear Sir/Madam,

During this week, I managed to see your advertisement for the job in the local library and I am exceptionally interested in this role. Actually, I have always loved reading and even spend a lot of my time every week in your buildling. Perhaps you may get a lot of canddiates, however let me tell you the reasons that I might be the best candidate.

First of all, presumably you will want someone who is very punctual. Actually, I live directly next to the library, so there will be no issue getting there on time. Moreover, I am sure that you will require someone very professional. Actually, whilst I was at the local university for the last 3 years, I had a part-time job in their library and learned many things about the organisational systems. Furthermore, I have excellent references and thus look forward to a hopefully successful interview at your earliest convenience.

With best regards,


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