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Example IELTS General Writing Task 1 Formal Business Letter


Dear John,

Doubtless, you will have heard that there is going to be a very important presentation this coming Thursday regarding the relocation of the company headquarters. Please allow me to fill you in on a few important features. Initially, the human resource department will be giving us all detailed instructions on what are our tasks. Following that the CEO will be on hand to answer any questions.

Regarding our department's responsibilities, I think that we should try to get there early to practise answering any questions, that might be asked of us. Therefore, please make a Powerpoint presentation about what we need to discuss. Hopefully, we may not be asked anything, however it is presumably best to be prepared, just in case. Additionally, please let me know if you have received any contact from the finance department, regarding our expenses.

Looking forward to hearing back at your earliest convenience.


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