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IELTS Writing, Sentence LengthIELTS Writing, Sentence Length


For the IELTS writing section, be careful about making sentences which are overly wrong. For example, if you write 60 words, this is quite long. It can probably be done, if you use a semi-colon etc. and look just about alright, however there might be more of a risk. For instance, if after 20 words, the meaning of the sentence gets confused, then perhaps up to the next 40 words might be hard to understand for the examiner. However, if you write shorter sentences, then your risk can be reduced, because even if one sentence is hard to understand, then the other ones may not be so much perhaps.

Of course, for those who are going for higher grades, you will likely want to have more complex sentences and these might be well longer as well, than for the lower amount of complexity that a lower grade target would require. You can see the band guidance for a task 1 here: "" and for a task 2 here: "".

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