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IELTS Writing Checking Tips


Below you can find some tips for IELTS Writing checking - also, be sure to check out the links below for IELTS writing descriptors:


1. IELTS writing task 1 descriptors: LINK.

2. IELTS writing task 2 descriptorsLINK


Coherence And CohesionA

Make sure that the essay is clearly understandable and that each sentence links together and that the paragraphs have a logical progression.


Check to see that your grammar is clear and it make as advanced as you are confident with.


Is every letter and word clearly understandable - is there any possiblity for confusion?


How is your spelling? Are there some words you are not sure about that you have used? Maybe you can change to simliar ones you do know?

Task ResponseE

Did you answer the task logically and fully?


How is your vocabulary - does each sentence start with a complex word - did you avoid repeating the question vocabulary as much as possible?

IELTS Writing CheckingIELTS Writing Checking

Be careful to check carefully after you have written your task 1 and 2 for the writing. It may be that you could increase your grade by catching any basic grammar errors, etc.. Also, make sure that your handwriting is legible. If any words are not clear, then delete them and rewrite them clearly, so that there is no doubt about which letters/words you are using.

In order to have enough time for checking, you will need to have a careful schedule for your writing. Perhaps you could complete your task 1 in 15 minutes and have 5 minutes checking and task 2 in 30 minutes and check for 10 minutes etc.. These are just approximate amounts and you can choose what is best for you, however 1 minute checking for each is unlikely to be sufficient.

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