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Some Tips For Easier IELTS SpeakingSome Tips For Easier IELTS Speaking Answers



When answering IELTS speaking questions, try to make things easier for yourself.

1. If someone you just met asks you to talk about an example sport, you may say football, because many people know vocabulary to talk about it.
2. Likewise in the IELTS exam, give an example that is most easy to give, because you are more familiar with it.
3. If you are asked a direct question, make sure to answer it, however do not go on too long for it.
4. Some topics you may be very familiar with - such as your work or favourite hobby - stick with these, rather than things you are partially familiar with.
5. Also, before the exam, try to think about some popular topics, such as your job / favourite food / hobby etc. and think of key vocabulary that you may be asked.
6. It is not likely that you can always prepare for some of the the exact questions that will be asked about a topic in the exam, however with sufficient vocabulary, you can perhaps more easily answer them.

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