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IELTS Questions And AnswersIELTS Questions And Answers (Generally)



1. Q. Can I write in pencil for the IELTS?

A. You must write in pencil for the Listening and Reading components. In the Writing test, a pen or pencil may be used - http://www.ieltsessentials.com/faqs.aspx.


2. Q. How can I tell the time in the IELTS?

There is no computer used - it is only a paper exam. Most likely each center will have a clock, however, best would be to take a digital watch.


3. Q. In the IELTS speaking exam is there a person face-to-face?

A. In the speaking exam, you will speak directly to a person and it is recorded also. Speak to the person not the recorder.


4. Q. In the IELTS listening exam, how is it played?

A. I have heard it has been broadcast to the room in some exam centers. I am not sure, if some will issue headsets - at least one student said they found it a bit hard to hear. If you cannot hear clearly in the exam for any reason, immediately contact the examiner and ask them to reseat you etc..


5. Q. Do I have to prepare for the IELTS?

A. Whilst some people may pass without preparation, for others it may be much harder.


6. Is there a limit to the number of IELTS exams I can take?

A. I have never heard that - one previous candidate said they had failed it for about 10 years.


7. Are some IELTS centers easier?

A. I have heard that some centers are not so organised and the grading was not so professsional- I do not have first-hand experiene of that.


8. Can I get an IELTS regrade?

Yes, however it might cost time and money. I heard from one apparent previous IELTS examiner that writing and speaking may be more easy to improve.


9. How long does the IELTS take to be graded?

About 13 days I have heard from previous students.


10. What is the highest grade possible for the IELTS?

The highest grade possible is a 9.

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