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Computer Based IELTS (CB IELTS)

Computer-based IELTS (CB IELTS)



Update 21st January, 2015: IELTS have replied and they may be suggesting that there is no location that provides this - more research may be required.



I read on this site: "http://www.ielts-mentor.com/cb-ielts" that a computer-based IELTS test has started from 2005 - I am not sure if this is still ongoing or not.


Computer-based IELTS (CB IELTS) Locations:

The site said that it is/was available in Italy x 1 center / India x 2 centers / Bangladesh x 1 center / Egypt x 2 centers / Jordan x 1 center / Kenya x 1 center, the UAE x 2 centers and Vietnam x 1 center.  

"Italy, Milan – British Council
India, New Delhi – British Council
India, New Delhi – IDP Education Australia
Bangladesh, Dhaka – British Council
Egypt, Alexandria – British Council
Egypt, Cairo Agouza – British Council
Jordan, Amman – British Council
Kenya, Nairobi – Australian University Studies Institute
UAE, Abu Dhabi – British Council
UAE, Dubai – British Council
Vietnam, Hanoi – British Council". 

They also mention that: "the list is enhancing day by day. You should visit the www.ielts.org website to find if your nearby center offers the CB IELTS or not."


Computer-based IELTS (CB IELTS) Other Details:

1. Academic

They say that: "only Academic Module is available on the CB IELTS".

2. Price

This is apparently the same.

3. Time

The same, but shorter for the IELTS Listening: 30 minutes in total.

4. Speaking

The IELTS speaking test is face-to-face still.


5th January 2015 - I will get in touch with IELTS to find out more information about this topic.

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