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Online English Teacher


Welcome to our free information site for English learners and those teaching English; you can view advice articles, take quizzes and watch videos, among other activities - you can also post comments on each page / in the English forum (registration required). 

Free IELTS Tips Ebook


There are three main sections, which are the English Forum, Students Studying English and Teachers Teaching English - our IELTS pages are currently the most developed. and we have also written a free "IELTS Tips" ebook (PDF) - we are working on others at the moment: "Online English Teacher Tips" for teaching English online, "English Writing Tips" for those learning English and others for students as well. Please click the following "site instructions" link to find out how to use the site.


Skype Online English Teacher

 This .ORG site is owned by "Online English Teacher .COM", which offers paid personal native Skype English classes in groups or single classes, with grammar / pronunciation / speaking / writing correction etc. and has a Skype class demo for $1 and we have also added an IELTS speaking correction service (and other topics) and IELTS writing correction service (and other topics) - all data on this site is written by Skype English Teacher Philip, unless otherwise mentioned - we also offer Skype English teacher training / website building at: "Online English Teacher .NET" and you can also see all updates for our sites at: "Online English Teacher .INFO".


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